Hello, I’m Lauro. A software engineer.

I design, build, and maintain Ruby on Rails web apps. I aslo write technical publications on web development and remote work.




Where developers learn and share insights of remote work.

Setih, Inc.


Microconsultancy for small businesses to medium sized tech businesses.

Cocktail Recipes


Exposing a Ruby on Rails RESTful API and minimal authorization.


Does starting a community help me become a better developer?

Published in Dev.to

The simple answer is yes. A lot. I learn to program by becoming part of a community. Back in 2015, I started a local Ruby on Rails meetup to learn about web development.

A Software Developer’s Reading List From 2017

Published in Dev.to

In 2017, I read a lot. I was more disciplined this year than any other year and I’d like to think I tackled books that were more challenging, personally and intellectually.