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Intermediate Next.js

Building upon a solid foundation of Next.js, this course is designed to elevate learners' capabilities to an intermediate level, equipping them with a comprehensive set of skills for advanced web development

  • Create loading UIs with React Suspense to enhance user experience.
  • Handle unexpected runtime errors in nested routes to improve application reliability.
  • Create dynamic routes from dynamic data for scalable applications.
  • Implement complex routing patterns for sophisticated navigation.
  • Intercept routes to maintain user context within single-page applications.
  • Optimize images and fonts to speed up page loading and enhance performance.
  • Serve static files efficiently in a Next.js application.
  • Apply lazy loading techniques to boost initial load performance and user experience.
  • Enhance metadata and SEO to improve visibility and search rankings.
  • Understand and implement various authentication patterns with NextAuth.js and Clerk.
  • Integrate authentication middleware for secure and scalable user access control.
  • Work with serverless databases like PlanetScale for efficient data storage solutions.
  • Craft robust database architectures for dependable data management.
  • Utilize Prisma ORM for type-safe database interactions.
  • Fetch and manage data effectively.
  • Build reusable components with shadcn/ui for a consistent and maintainable codebase.