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Next.js Fundamentals

This course covers the basics of Next.js and gets you started on building web applications with React and Next.js. You'll learn about routing, API routes, data fetching, and more.

  • Install Next.js and set up new projects with efficiency.
  • Manage project structures and organize files for improved development workflows.
  • Define and organize application routes to streamline navigation.
  • Design and create web pages and layouts to enhance the user interface.
  • Implement navigation within applications for seamless user experiences.
  • Employ data fetching techniques for dynamic content retrieval and display.
  • Apply caching and revalidation strategies for optimized data performance.
  • Develop server-side logic and mutations for enhanced backend functionality.
  • Optimize rendering processes for better loading and interactivity.
  • Utilize Server and Client Components effectively in Next.js applications.
  • Adopt composition patterns for logical and efficient component structuring.
  • Style applications with CSS Modules for modular and maintainable designs.
  • Integrate Tailwind CSS for efficient, utility-first UI development.
  • Deploy applications proficiently on Vercel.
  • Use the Vercel CLI proficiently to enhance deployment processes.