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Production-Ready Next.js

This advanced course is crafted to transform proficient Next.js developers into experts capable of engineering production-ready web applications.

  • Design AI-powered user interfaces by integrating Vercel AI SDK
  • Generate dynamic UI components with precision using v0.
  • Implement and manage Monorepos, understanding their core concepts and setting up a single Next.js site with multiple local packages using Turborepo.
  • Optimize build performance by caching task results and logs with Turborepo, and employing remote caching strategies with service providers to streamline development workflows.
  • Enhance Next.js applications with advanced features such as search functionality, pagination, and multi-tenant architectures.
  • Model content effectively, ensuring data structures are well-designed.
  • Write end-to-end typesafe APIs using tRPC, eliminating the need for code generation or runtime bloat, thus ensuring robust backend communication.
  • Validate environment variables at both runtime and build time using T3 Env.
  • Apply TypeScript-first schema validation with Zod to maintain data integrity throughout the application, across network boundaries and external APIs.
  • Utilize Vercel Speed Insights to gain comprehensive performance metrics.
  • Implement Vercel Web Analytics to track and analyze user interactions.
  • Configure advanced web analytics.
  • Monitor and manage runtime logs to maintain observability in the frontend.